On May 12, 2018, the Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon during his speech at the meeting with public representatives revealed the new pages of betrayal and criminal activity of the Islamic renaissance party /IRP/ and its foreign patrons against the state and the people of Tajikistan. In this speech, the President of Tajikistan referring to reliable facts and concrete examples stressed that the IRP followers accepted alien madhab and some of them serve for the special ideological circles.

After voicing of this truth, the fugitive leaders of the IRP and their patrons were alarmed and set up a wide information campaign to deny this truth. In particular, this week, the Chairman of the terrorist and extremist organization /TEO/ of the IRP M. Kabiri had an interview with extremist websites around this meeting of the Leader of the Nation, trying to show renaissances as the followers of Hanafi madhab and to hide their becoming Shiites by any way.

Of course, there is no doubt that renaissances accepted Shia madhab. Countless facts, testimony of party’s members, numerous documents, videos and photos repeatedly prove that the leaders of the TEO IRP sold the madhab of their people and gave themselves completely to an alien Shia madhab. The process of becoming renaissances as the followers of Shia madhab was a long-term trend. It first began with the attention of the IRP leaders to the Islamic revolution of Iran and then continued in the form of political ties and financial dependence of IRP from Shia circles, from residence and study of an entire renaissances’ generation in the special religious schools of the Islamic Republic of Iran /IRI/, and finally it ended with the fact that this party’s leaders accepted Shia madhab and became its followers.

Therefore, I, as a direct witness of this process, would like to give a few incontrovertible proofs about it. Without going into details, we give only obvious facts, so that the understanding reader himself made a necessary conclusion about that the renaissances absolutely became Shiites.

Then, what obvious proofs exist on accepting Shia madhab by the islamic renaissance party?

Historical documents show that since the Soviet Union to date many IRP leaders considered themselves as murids – followers of the spiritual leader of the Shiite revolution of Iran Ayatollah Khomeini, and as revolutionary Shiites respectfully called him “Hazrati Imam”. The renaissances are still called Khomeini as well, and instead of Qur’an and hadith they read the books of Shia madhab. Some renaissance leaders, including S.A. Nuri, Eshoni Qiyomiddin, Saadiddini Rustam, Bobojon Qayumov and others wrote several articles, poems, rubai and dastans in honor of Khomeini, which were regularly published in the newspapers and magazines of the IRP, such as “Najot” and “Safina”. Everyone can scroll through the pages of these publications.

The slogans and appeals that were used by the followers of TEO IRP at the rallies of 1991-1992, show the close ties of renaissances with Iran and the Shia madhab. For example, “Our path is Ali’s path, get out communist!”, “America, America, death to your machinations, the blood of our martyrs flows from your hands”, “And Shia and Sunni our leader is Khomeini!”, “Allah Akbar, Khomeini rahbar (leader)!”, “The perfume of Muhammadis flower, welcome, Velayati!”, etc.

Who knows the hadiths and the revolutionary slogans of the Islamic revolution of Iran in the 80s perfectly understands that the slogans of the IRP are exactly the same as the slogans of the movements of Shia madhab. The IRP activists Eshoni Qiyomiddin and Saadiddini Rustam daily pronounced these slogans through a loudspeaker in Shahidon Square and the IRP members repeated them. The video of these scenes have survived for the history.

Another fact, proving the high level of following and attachment of IRP to Shia madhab is that many of IRP leaders named their children by the names of imams of Shia madhab, famous Shia ahunds (spiritual title) and especially the leaders of the Iranian Islamic revolution, such as Mehdi, Jawad, Boqir, Murtaza, Khomeini, Bihishti, Mutaharri, Ruhulloh, Husayni (the last two – the names of Ayatollah Khomeini), Bohunar, Chamron, Hoiri, Zahro and others. For example, the children of the founder of the IRP S.A.Nuri are named as Bihishti and Husaini, children of IRP chairman M. Kabiri – Ruhulloh, Murtaza, Bihishti and Mehdi, the sons of the first deputy chairman of IRP Saidumar Husaini – Saidmehdi, Saidjawad and Bihishti, the children of the board member of TEO IRP Shamsiddin Saidov – Ruhulloh, Bihishti, Bohunar, etc. These are all the names of the leaders of the Iranian Islamic revolution, which are traditionally not typical for Tajiks. These simple facts prove that the IRP leaders have became the followers of Shia madhab leaders.

In addition, the IRP leaders, who at first had traditional Sunni names, after becoming Shiite changed their names to “Shia” type names or took appropriated Shia pseudonyms. In 2000, we were in the house of one of the members of the IRP leadership Abdusattor Karimov (Makhsumi Sattorcha). Saidumar Huseini, who was then the IRP General Secretary, recently returned from Iran’s visit. He told that before the meeting of the IRP leadership with the spirutal leader of Iran Saidalii Khomanai, his representative said to renaissances that “how is it that your name is Saidumar? How can Umar be Said? The leader of the revolution does not like this name. It is necessary to change the name urgently, otherwise the meeting will not take place. That time, according to S. Huseini, the Iranians urgently changed his name from Said Umar to Said Ali and presented him as Said Ali Husaini at the meeting. The spirutal leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran was pleased of his name and said: “Bah-bah, your name shows your predisposition to “family members”… There are many such examples”.

Another example of the direct involvement of the TEO IRP leadership to Shia madhab is that during the years of civil war, the hundreds of activists and followers of this organization studied in Shia religious madrasahs of Iran and became Shiite followers. Their financial support and the family of IRP leaders was fully provided by Shiite centres.

After the establishment of peace in Tajikistan, the ties of IRP members with Shia madhab became even stronger. Before the IRP activity was banned, more than 800 young men, majority of them were the children or relatives of IRP members, studied in the Iranian madrasahs. Most of them studied in the cities of Qom (the world center of Shia madhab), Gurgan and other places of Iran, and became Shiite. When by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan the Tajik students were returned from foreign madrasahs, students, who were sent by the IRP, ignored the Government’s decision and did not return from Iranian madrasahs. They are still continuing their education.

At that time, the Shiite ayatollahs did not even allow representatives of the Tajik Embassy in Iran to meet with students in Qom madrasahs to call them to return to Homeland. They even kept the number of students as a secret.

However, reliable sources claim that more than 480 children and relatives of IRP members are currently educated in the religious madrasahs of Qom and Gurgan cities under Shia mullahs or live in this country at the expense of the Iran state budget. Among them are the children of S.A.Nuri – Muhammadjoni Nuri and Saidova Ruqiya (with their minor children), spouse of S.A.Nuri – Saidova Shahrinisso, his son-in-law Abdusattorov Abdusamad, as well as Tilloev Mahmadsoleh Kabirovich (brother of M. Kabiri), two nephews of M.Kabiri (two, one with his wife and small child), grandson of Akosha Kabiri, the children of the first deputy chairman of TEO IRP Saidumar Huseini (his son and daughter-in-law), the children of Saidibrohim Nazarov (three), the sons and grandsons of Shamsiddini Said (five), the sons of Mullah Saaddiddini Rustam (with his daughter-in-law), Kuzov Mahmadrahim (Shonaimi Karim), head of the financial department of TEO IRP Burhonov Yunus Abbosovich with his family members and others. Married couples live in family hostels and are provided with hot food and high stipends.

Maybe we link some of these examples to the past, but today, i.e after the banning of IRP activity in Tajikistan and its announcing by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tajikistan as the terrorist and extremist organization, the family members of the IRP leaders and followers still continue living and studying at religious centers of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The list, which is proposed below, refers not to the past, but to the present day, i.e. by mid of 2018; the list of some activists and family members of the IRP leadership, who live and study in the Islamic Republic of Iran:

1. Abdulloeva Shahrinisso Saburkhonovna, spouse of S.A.Nuri, the resident of Risola mahalla, Boloshahr of Tehran;

2. Saidov Muhammad Abdulloevich, son of S.A.Nuri, born in 1974, lives with his wife and children in Risola mahalla, Boloshahr of Tehran;

3. Saidova Ruqiya Abdulloevna, daughter of S.A.Nuri, born in 1972, lives with her family members in Risola mahalla, Boloshahr of Tehran;

4. Abdusattorov Abdusamad Hakimovich, son-in-law of S.A.Nuri, born in 1974, lives with his wife and children in Risola mahalla, Boloshahr of Tehran;

5. Boboyev Abdusattor Khojaevich, member of the board of the TEO IRP, born in 1968, resident of Tehran, Saodatobod mahalla, Posorgod township, building №31;  (often travels to Europe);

6. Kabirov Mahmadsoleh Tilloevich, brother of M. Kabiri, born in 1969, resident of Tehran, telephone in May 2018 (+98) 9351739963;

7. Gadoev Faizullo Saidovich, born in 1986, a student of the political department at al-Mustafa University, Qom, living with his wife Odinaeva Bunafsha and the children – Muhammad, Maryam, Mustafa and Rayhona, resident of Qom city, the son of Said Ibrohimi Nazar;

8. Ruhulloi Said, a student of political department at al-Mustafa University in Qom, lives with his wife Boboeva Mohiston and children – Ali, Fotima and Tayiba, the son of Said Ibrohimi Nazar;

9. Saidov Ruhullo Shamsiddinovich, resident of Mashhad, a student of the medical department at Firdavsi Mashhad University, son-in-law of Hoji Halim Nazarzoda and son of Shamsiddini Said;

10. Saidov Hikmatulloh Abdulloevich, son of S.A.Nuri, born in 1982;

11. Saidova Oisha Abdulloevna, daughter of S.A.Nuri, born in 1980;

12. Vahobov Azimjon Azizovich, IRP chairman in Kurgan-tube region, born in 1976;

13. Farizai Shohnaim, daughter of a member of the board of IRP Kuzov Shohnaim, born in 1994;

14. Burhonov Yunus Abbosovich, the ideologist of the TEO IRP, lives with his wife and small children in Zanjan city of Zanjan province.

15. Burhonov Mahmoud Abbosovich, the owner of a private firm “Bukhoroi Sharif”, engaged in trade of dried fruits from Iran to Russia, lives with his family members in Qom city, Pardison mahalla. Ogo Yusufi Ave., 22 str., building №9, on the first floor.

16. Burhonov Muhammadali Yunusovich (son of Burhonov Yu.A.), student of al-Mustafa University, lives in the Pardison mahalla, Qom city. He is a designer, developer and responsible technician of “Kimiyoi Saodat” website. Etc…

Currently, the names of 328 residents of Khatlon province, who illegally studied at religious madrasahs and universities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, have been clarified. Most of them were educated directly in religious madrasahs in the cities of Tehran, Qom, Khosh, Gurgan and Mashhad, where the teachings are fully conducted on Shiite principles.

In addition to training in Shiite religious madrasahs, short-term and long-term courses of political and madhabis teachings are organized to disseminate Shia beliefs among the students. For example, lists and facts show that during 2000 – 2015, every year dozens of people from among TEO IRP leaders were sent to Iran for these courses. The cost of tickets and luxury hotels for them was paid by Shiite centers at the expense of a fifth of the madhab income. Part of such madhab courses were conducted in Tajikistan in the central residence of IRP and other special places.

For example, in April and May 2012, a well-known fanatical preacher Hasan Rahimpur arrived in Tajikistan and held several classes in the central office of TEO IRP. The video of Rahimpur’s classes in IRP office in Dushanbe is available on the internet. That video shows how the IRP leaders sit at the front row of classes of this preacher and nod their heads in support of his words against the Sunni madhab.

At the same time, representatives of special services of the Islamic Republic of Iran, acting under the roof of employees of these centers, attracted and sent a large number of young people of the republic to this country to study at religious universities and madrasahs, as well as to short-term courses. Only in September and October 2012, at the initiative of the deputy chairman of the TEO IRP Muhammadkarim Orzu and the head of the department for women affairs of this party Parvina Ibrohimzoda and at the expense of the cultural center of Iran, two groups of active women and girls of the country were sent to Tehran for the ten-day courses in madrasah “Jomia ul-Mustafa al-Alamia”.

Thus, gradually the TEO IRP has completely fell under the influence of madhab and “tashayyu” international policy and even officially became a member of the “Islamic Awakening International Movement”. In 2013, the IRP chairman M. Kabiri was elected the deputy head of this international movement in Tehran. It should be noted that the “Islamic Awakening International Movement” is a religious and political radical Shiite movement, which unites the religious and political forces of Shias or Shi’ites in different parts of the world. It is a great political, ideological and geopolitical project of Iran, and its leader is the former foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and currently advisor to Iran’s spiritual leader on international affairs, Dr. Aliakbar Velayati. “Awakening of Muslims” in this organization means to awaken Muslims in every country of the world against their states and nations.

The head of the IRP is only representative of the Sunni madhab countries, who became a member and deputy chairman of the international Shiite movement. This fact once again confirms that the IRP leadership practically accepted Shia madhab, because representatives of Sunni madhab are in no way accepted into the ranks of this secret political radical Shiite movement.

The transition of the TEO IRP to Shia madhab is also manifested in the fact that the articles of authors from among the Shiites and the farewells of the Shia ayatollahs have been regularly published in the party newspaper “Najot” and other publications. For example, the newspaper “Najot” reprinted all speeches of Oyatullo Homanai and Iran’s spiritual leader and it was read and distributed among all members of TEO IRP as “the message of the apostles of all Muslims”. In other words, the printed organs and party website of the TEO IRP have become a platform for propaganda of Shiite ideas.

Another stage of becoming renaissances as Shia followers is that since 2000 to date, the entry of ordinary members of this terrorist and extremist organization to Shia madhab has intensified. During this period, including in the village of Kul of Kulob city, in mahalla of Khojai Piron of Istaravshan city, in the second section of Mastchoh district, in new mahallahs of Khujand city (34, 35, 18), dozens of renaissances families left Hanafi madhab and became Shiite. Their neighbors are fully aware of this.

By the direct appeal and propaganda of one of the guides of renaissances, who became Shiite, Rahimjonov M. with nickname of “Domullo Marufjon”, to date, over 120 residents of the Sughd province, including from the cities of Istaravshan, Khujand and Mastchoh district are illegally educated in Qom madrasah of Iran and accepted Shia madhab. During this period, M. Rahimjonov, through his students, distributed Shiite propaganda materials on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan. Thus, in 2009, the residents of Istaravshan city Ziyodulloev Akram Akbarovich and Huseynov Uvaydullo (with nickname “Subhi Javharizoda”), using capabilities of the Iranian Embassy in the Republic of Tajikistan, secretly imported religious literature “Marvorid” and “Gazza”, belonging to Shia madhab and containing warlike ideas of Hamas movement (the Islamic resistance movement of Palestine).

The main pupil and son-in-law of M. Rahimjonov is Burhonov Yunus Abbosovich, known as “Saidyunusi Istaravshani”, born in 1969, native of Istaravshan city, from 1994 to 1999 studied at the Qom religious madrasah and took Shia madhab. He, along with all his brothers, sisters, children and relatives, lives according to the canons of Shia madhab and holds a prayer service in accordance with its requirements. S. Istaravshani is still living in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and under the patronage of its special services established the website “Kimiyoi Saodat” and carries out subversive activities against the Tajik state and nation.

Other IRP members, the residents of Mastchoh district, Fozilov Mirzoyusuf Obidovich (died) and Fozilov Abdurashid Obidovich were also educated in the religious centers of Iran and accepted Shia madhab. Upon return to Homeland, they propagated the ideas of this madhab among the residents of Mastchoh district and increased the number of Shia followers at the expense of their fellow countrymen. In 2007, Fozilov Abdurashid fled to the Russian Federation and currently, under the guidance of the Iranian special services continues his extremist activities among Tajik migrants. He regularly visits Iran, as well as by the financial support of the Iranian special services bought the farm in Russia.

Another sign that testifies to the complete transition of the IRP leadership to the Shia madhab is their complete disagreement with the preachers and religious experts of Hanafi madhab. They feed hostility to such famous religious figures as Domullo Hikmatullo, Domullo Marufi Eloki, Domullo Huseinjon Musozoda, Eshoni Sayidjoni Sorbonkhoja and others, and speak disrespectfully of the outstanding figures of Hanafi madhab in Tajikistan.

In May 1994, the renaissances have even issued in Afghanistan a fetwa for the killing of greatest Hanafi scientist in Tajikistan, the main opponent of creating parties and flirting with madhabs of renaissances, Mavlawi Muhammadi Qumsangiri, and carried out special operation for his killing. Six murids-disciples of Mawlawi were killed in that operation. Only with the assistance of the then President of Afghanistan Burhanuddin Rabbani this well-known Tajik religious figure was protected of attacks and returned to Tajikistan.

Finally, it should be noted that one particular sign of the followers of Shia madhab is that they put a ring with a large stone on the second finger of the left hand. The stone on the ring has a dark color. If look to photos and videos of many TEO IRP leaders, then can be seen that they observe this Shia ritual. On the fingers of Eshoni Qiyomiddin, Shamsiddin Saidov, Saadiddini Rustam, Saidibrohim Nazar, Zubaidulloi Roziq you can see even two or three such rings.

It should be noted that one of the “special mysteries” of the ring in the Shia madhab is that if it is twisted, that is, if the stone is in the palm of the hand, then the followers of the Shia madhab are allowed to lie and hypocrite. This belief among the Shiites exists long ago, which is fixed in their religious books. Many times it happened that the TEO IRP leaders, who became Shia, use this rule a lot. According to the fatwa of ayatollahs of their new madhab, they turn the ring inside and without shame and conscience lie to anyone, be they father, mother, wife, children, people, homeland or nation.

All these facts and truths show that the leaders of the terrorist and extremist organization of the islamic renaissance party accepted Shia madhab in return for property and benefit, and left Sunni madhab and society as a whole. Their family names, words and slogans, actions, places of study, shelters, places of residence – all this shows that they openly refused the madhab of their ancestors and accepted an alien madhab. Thus, the well-grounded words of the Leader of the Nation, organs and Islamic Ulema of Tajikistan about that the followers of the renaissance party accepted an alien madhab are not only not slander, but also a truth that can not be refuted.

That is, the TEO IRP in Tajikistan and among the Tajik people, the followers of Hanafi madhab, does not enjoy any authority and respect. Since the Tajik people never forgive those who sold their madhab. Every Tajik, who loves the imam of his madhab – Imam Azam Abu Hanifa and his Hanafi madhab, condemns madhab seller renaissances.

Nozim NUROV,
Senior Research Fellow
of the Academy of Sciences
of the Republic of Tajikistan